Attorney Lee Jong-woon, who is in a state of disappearance, is the only one who traces his last move through uninterpreted clues

2020-09-26 20:05:03

'Gal' recounts the disappearance of lawyer Lee Jong-un.

In SBS's “I Want to Know (That Al),” aired on September 26th, the only uninterpreted clues to find out Lee's last act.

■ 16 years missing, where is he now?

Attorney Jong-Woon Lee, who has been missing from work on July 29, 2004.

There are thousands of documents that have been collected so far to find his whereabouts.

A long time of 16 years passed without any traces or clues found even though the family came out and wandered all over the country.

After the broadcast in 2005, the production crew, who had been retracing the case, finds a picture that may be a clue to solving the case.

Just after work, at 7:09 pm, a CCTV record of a vehicle exiting the Namsan Tunnel No. 1 toll booth.

A person in the passenger seat who looks very similar to lawyer Lee Jong-woon and a mysterious driver who left the tunnel with him.

Can you find his last move in the blurry picture?

■ Is it runaway or missing?

Before his disappearance, lawyer Lee Jong-woon was in the middle of preparing for marriage for a couple of months.

He is a third-year lawyer recognized by the law firm, and has already completed the marriage registration, and the people around him said that there is no reason to abruptly disappear.

However, the fiancee, Choi, came up with an unexpected story.

In the meantime, this lawyer has been forced to demand a coma, causing conflict and avoiding marriage with himself.

In other words, it was argued that it was runaway, not disappearance.

After a while, as Choi said, a phone call and a fax from Lee's lawyer saying “There was another woman” arrived, and when the whereabouts were found, the case was terminated with a simple runaway.

The case, which was thought to end with the departure of such a young lawyer, enters a new phase as the suspicious behavior of the fiancee is revealed after two months of disappearance.

■ The truth behind the question

Choi, her fiancee, said she received unreasonable financial demands from lawyer Lee Jong-un throughout her marriage preparation.

As a result of the confirmation, contrary to her words, it was Rather than the lawyer Lee Jong-woon who sent the money right before the disappearance.

It was even revealed that the lawyer had spent two days immediately after disappearing, using his credit card to do a ton of shopping.

It wasn't just that.

After the lawyer went missing, Choi asked for someone to impersonate him.

And her incomprehensible behaviors that began, exceeded everyone's expectations.

Less than two months after the lover who promised to marry disappeared, what was the reason she had to do such reckless things?

■ Interpreting the last clue left

Less than a year after his disappearance, the family who had been chasing the whereabouts of lawyer Lee Jong-un found the CCTV at Namsan Tunnel 1 toll booth, which contained his last image.

The family claimed that the driver in the CCTV was her fiancée, Mr. Choi, but at the time, the person in the picture could not be identified, so they had to leave it alone.

The last appearance of lawyer Lee Jong-woon, who could not be investigated properly despite the decisive clue.

What kind of truth is the CCTV that has been sleeping for 16 years?

The production crew of'The Egg' proceeded to take a closer look at the photos in order to trace the truth that had not been revealed.

By improving the image quality with deep learning-based video analysis technology, another hidden clue was identified, and meaningful information about the driver in the vehicle was analyzed.

And I went to find the answer myself.

Will lawyer Lee Jong-un's last act, which was cut off in the picture, continue?

'Gal' starts at 11:10 pm on the 26th.