'I Know' Chae Jong-hyeop, Han So-hee's refusal to stop Aebo's going straight

2021-08-08 22:45:03

'I Know' Han So-hee and Song Kang met after wandering.

In the 8th episode of JTBC's Saturday Special 'I Know' (directed by Garam Kim, scripted by Jeongwon, produced by Beyond J Studio N, JTBC Studio/original Naver Webtoon (author's sentiment)), which aired on the 7th The figures of Yuna-bi (Han So-hee) and Park Jae-eon (Song Kang) were drawn.

Park Jae-eon wanted to re-establish the relationship, but Yuna-bi avoided it.

As always, Jae-eon Park gave Yuna a choice and stepped back.

However, the moment Yuna-bi fell into disappointment at the pressure of reality, Jae-eon Park reappeared like a lie.

It raised curiosity about the ending of what color their youthful romance will be filled with.

On this day, Yuna-bi and Park Jae-eon's second kiss eventually failed.

Na-bi Yoo hurriedly left the guest house, and she met Yang-hyeok Yang (played by Chae Jong-hyeop), who came to him just in time.

On the way back to her house with Yang-hyeok, she encountered an unexpected sight.

There was a small event prepared by Yang Hyuk.

Yu Na-bi said, “You are a really good person,” but she drew a line saying that she couldn’t afford to have a pretty relationship.

Yang-hyeok knew that her Yoo Na-bi's heart was for Park Jae-eon, but he said, "I love you so much right now.

I don't know what to do.

I like you.

Sincerely,” she said, expressing her unchanging sincerity.

Na-bi Yoo simply shed tears at her own pity for not accepting her pure heart.

It was Park Jae-eon who was waiting for Yang-hyeok, who returned home alone after sending her Yu Na-bi.

At Yang-hyeok Yang's sharp words, "Stop shaking it now," Park Jae-eon responded with a provocative statement, "Butterfly seems to shake me a lot."

The war between the two men over Yunabi was getting stronger.

Park Jae-eon's straight forward continued.

Park Jae-eon, who visited Aunt Na-bi Yoo's workshop, wanted to talk about his yesterday's kiss.

Na-bi Yoo called her a ‘mistake’ when she was drunk, and Jae-eon Park took a step back, saying, “Yeah, if that’s how you feel.”

At the moment when Yuna-bi's nerves were about to peak at the still ambiguous attitude, Jae-eon Park asked if he had decided to date Yang-hyeok Yang.

Yu Na-bi says it's none of your business, and she pushes him away once again.

This time, Jae-eon Park's reaction was different.

He left saying that he was hurt, and Yunabi was embarrassed by all this.

Yunabi has returned to reality again.

While busy preparing for her exhibition and exchange students, Jae-eon Park took him to the gallery.

It was the place where her ex-lover Yu Na-bi held her solo exhibition, a place she wanted to avoid for her.

In response to her Yu Na-bi's confession that she did not want to come, Jae-eon Park said, "I saw a very pretty woman here, and she was so in love at first sight," she broke her luck.

“One day, we met again by chance.


If I believe in fate, to the extent that it is considered fate.”

But she knew that Jae-eon Park was a person who did not believe in fate, so Yu Na-bi only smiled faintly.

Bad luck suddenly came to Yunabi.

She was dropped from the Paris exchange student selection process.

Due to her overflowing sorrow, Yu Na-bi wandered aimlessly down the street until late at night.

When she woke up, she had met Jae-eon Park and she was in an alleyway in a pub.

It was her unconsciousness that guided her Yu Nabi.

Na-bi Yoo is immersed in her memories with Jae-eon Park.

And as if she were lying, she received a call from Jae-eon Park.

While Yuna and Rain hesitated, someone else's shadow was superimposed on her.

When she lifted her head, there was Park Jae-eon in front of her Yu Na-bi.

It was two people who met at the starting point again after turning around.

Meanwhile, the change in the relationship between Sol Yun (Lee Ho-jeong) and Seo Ji-wan (Yoon Seo-ah) was also interestingly drawn.

The appearance of Seo Ji-wan, who was drunk and revealed her hidden feelings, left a huge aftermath on Yoon Sol.

Seo Ji-wan was momentarily confused by the fact that she didn't see Sol Yun as her mere friend's feelings, but she soon confessed that what she said at her guesthouse was sincere, not just a mistake.

With only two episodes left until the end, attention is focused on what kind of romance that young people who are shaken helplessly in front of love will be engraved.

JTBC Saturday Special 'I Know' airs every Saturday at 11 PM.