Lim Chang-jung's wife Seo Ha-yan, love story → daily life for the first time

2022-03-29 19:45:04

'Dongsang Imong 2-You Are My Destiny' (hereafter, 'You are my destiny') The new fateful couple Im Chang-jung ♥ Seo Ha-yan, the full story from love to marriage, as well as the daily life with their five sons, were released for the first time, drawing a lot of attention.

According to Nielsen Korea, an audience rating research company on the 29th, the SBS entertainment program 'You Are My Destiny' aired on the 28th had an audience rating of 6% in the metropolitan area and a target audience rating of 2049, an indicator of topicality and competitiveness, rose to 2.5%. took the top

Also, the highest viewership rating per minute rose to 7.2%.

On this day's broadcast, the daily life of Lim Chang-jung♥Seo Ha-yan, who had been a hot topic since the news of their joining, was revealed for the first time.

In the studio recording, Seo Ha-Yan, not Lim Chang-Jung, appeared.

Lim Chang-jung, who visited the studio together, watched through her monitor outside her.

Regarding this, Lim Chang-jung's wife Seo Hae-an said, "I have to say that her husband is a bit of a jujube.

She tends to make frequent mistakes.

She was worried that her husband could be misunderstood because her husband was straightforward,” she said, causing laughter in the studio.

When asked by the MCs, “I don’t think it was easy to make the decision to appear,” Seo Ha-yan said, “At first, I tried to hide because I got a lot of cursing.

But she was hiding, and she was deeply misunderstood.

Let's solve these misunderstandings and show her as she is," she said, explaining why she decided to appear.

At the time of their marriage, the two became a hot topic with an 18-year age difference.

Lim Chang-jung said, "I got a lot of swearing rather than a topic of discussion." "I don't think there's a generation gap.

I think so,” she said.

However, Seo Baek said, “I think there is a generational difference implicitly.”

The two people, who are all different, drew attention by revealing the story of their first meeting that day.

The two people who met for the first time 8 years ago at the store run by Im Chang-jung.

At the time, Lim Chang-jung, who saw Seo White and fell in love with her at first sight, said, “I thought I should give her beer as a service and get to know her.

But without realizing it, she said, 'Please buy me a beer'." He said, "(Her wife) burst into laughter.

That was her first meeting,” she recalled.

Then Lim Chang-jung said, "She came back to her seat pretending to be nothing, but her heart continued to race."

In the beginning of her relationship, Seo Baek-eun honestly revealed her feelings about Im Chang-jung's divorce and her feelings when she found out about the existence of her three children.

Seo Ha-Yan said, "It was exhausting.

"She didn't tell anyone," she said. "I was very worried."

She continued, “But naturally, she talked about the children and introduced her children to her at the beginning of her relationship.

I was surprised in that aspect, but I think he approached me calmly.”

Seo Ha-yeon said that her worries melted like snow when she saw the bright and docile children pouring out innocent questions at her first meeting.

She said, “I was so grateful that the kids were so gentle and well-fed.

Those memories are still vivid,” he said, expressing her affection for her children.

Lim Chang-jung, who heard this, said, "The children are entering puberty, and they get along very well with their mother.

She doesn't communicate well with me, but she talks to me often," he added.

On this day's broadcast, the daily life of the two of them, as well as the neatly arranged house, was revealed for the first time, drawing attention.

Seo Baek prepared breakfast for Lim Chang-jung and her five sons.

Seo Hae-Ban prepared a so-called Chang-Jeong set meal consisting of Lim Chang-Jeong's favorite side dishes, and Lim Chang-Jung and her children continued a storm of eating shows saying, “It is the most delicious in the entire universe” and “Mom did something different.” made me laugh

On the other hand, ‘The Best One Minute’ was won by the five brothers of Im Chang-jung♥Seo Ha-yan.

Contrary to expectations that it would be noisy, the five sons evoked warmth by taking care of each other.

In particular, the first and second children played affectionately with their younger siblings after eating and skillfully helped prepare for school.

In the studio watching this, he was also surprised, saying, “I thought it would be a mess because I have five sons, but he is more gentle than I thought” and “Even if I go on a trip with my children, I think the first and second will take care of them.” .

On this day, the heartwarming appearance of the five brothers took the 'best one minute' with a viewer rating of 7.2% per minute.