Yoo Seung-jun lost the lawsuit, South Korean soldiers and their families came, causing a great sense of loss and deprivation

2022-04-30 00:05:03

Yoo Seung-jun's loss of the lawsuit is attracting attention.

Singer Seung-Jun Yoo (45, Steve Seung-Jun Yoo from the United States) also lost the second lawsuit filed for a visa to enter Korea.

On the 28th, the 5th Administrative Division of the Seoul Administrative Court (Chief Judge Kim Soon-Yeol) ruled against the plaintiff in a lawsuit filed by Seung-Jun Yoo against the Consul-General of Los Angeles (LA) to cancel the disposition of refusal to issue passports and visas. did.

The court found that the final decision was successful in the administrative lawsuit filed after being refused issuance of a visa for overseas Koreans (F-4) in 2020, but the disposition of refusing to issue a visa again was not illegal.

The court said, "The previous judgment was to the effect that serious procedural violations were grounds for invalidation of the disposition of refusal to issue a visa. It appears to have fulfilled its obligations in accordance with the effect of binding the parties and the parties involved.”

He continued, “The plaintiff’s actions deceived the state agency and expediently left the country and then went through the process of obtaining citizenship. It goes without saying that it is causing a great sense of loss and deprivation to the Korean soldiers and their families who endured it.”

In particular, the court said, "If it is unavoidable, the plaintiff can visit the Republic of Korea by obtaining a short-term visit visa or by lifting the entry ban from the Ministry of Justice, and has actually visited Korea in 2003." There is no reason to see it.”

The court explained, "At this point, the legal interest to deny Yoo is greater than the profit from issuing a visa for overseas Koreans to Yoo."

On the other hand, after leaving the country in the name of an overseas performance in January 2002, Yoo was embroiled in controversy about evading military service by acquiring US citizenship.

Afterwards, Yoo tried to enter the country by obtaining a visa for overseas Koreans in October 2015.

However, this too was rejected by the Consulate General of Los Angeles, so he filed an administrative lawsuit, and although he lost successively in the first and second trials, the Supreme Court overturned and remanded the case, and in March 2020, the plaintiff prevailed.

At that time, the Supreme Court ruled that it was illegal for the Consulate General of Los Angeles to refuse to issue a visa on the ground that “there was a decision to ban entry by the Ministry of Justice in the past” without exercising its discretion.

Even after the Supreme Court ruling, the Consulate General of Los Angeles rejected Yoo's visa application again, and Yoo filed an administrative lawsuit again, but was ultimately defeated.