'Somehow I grew up' Professor Kim Sang-wook appeared in a beer CF, complained of side effects, colleagues asked me to open a bottle

2022-06-17 22:45:03

Physics professor Kim Sang-wook, who appeared in 'Somehow Grown Up', talks about the side effects of appearing in a beer commercial.

In the 2nd episode of tvN STORY's humanities entertainment program 'Somehow I grew up' (directed by Min-sik Jeong), which was broadcast on the 16th, Professor Sang-wook Kim, Ph.D. in Physics from KAIST Graduate School and currently a professor in the Department of Physics at Kyunghee University, will be the lecturer.

Professor Sang-wook Kim has captivated viewers with his unique perspective that combines physics with the humanities and art by appearing in tvN's 'Sorcerer 3' and 'Sorrowful Job' series.

In a recent recording, Professor Sang-wook Kim shared the current status of filming a CF before starting a full-fledged lecture.

When MC Sang-joong Kim mentioned a beer CF in which Professor Sang-wook Kim designed the bottle cap to be 'tympanic', saying, "You also shot commercials these days," Professor Sang-wook Kim said, "Because of that wind, wherever I go, my colleagues always He asked me to open a bottle,” he said, making everyone laugh by complaining about the aftereffects.

This day's special lecture will be held under the theme of 'In Search of Lost Physics'.

Professor Sang-wook Kim stimulated curiosity by throwing an unexpected proposition, "The moon, not the apple, that is important in Newton's apples" for those who simply shun physics because it is difficult.

Also, he said, "F = ma is a really beautiful expression. I call this a cosmic poem."

Broadcast on the 16th at 8:20 PM.