Kim Seon-ho attends press call for play 'Touching the Boyd' after 9 months of public appearance

2022-07-16 15:45:02

Actor Kim Seon-ho is making an official public appearance after 9 months.

According to the production company Theater Enthusiast on the 14th, Kim Seon-ho will attend the press call for the play 'Touching the Boyd' held in Daehangno, Seoul on the 20th.

At this press call, we plan to demonstrate key scenes of the work and talk about the work with other actors such as Shin Sung-min, Hwi-jong Lee, Jin-hee Lee, and Jeong-taek Oh.

Kim Seon-ho resumed his full-fledged activities with 'Touching the Void'.

Based on the true story of the survival of British mountain climbers Joe Simpson and Simon Yates, who climbed the western ice of Siula Grande in the Peruvian Andes, which had not been climbed by anyone in 1985, in an alpine style. to postpone

It is the first time in about nine months since the controversy over his personal life that began with the revelation of his ex-girlfriend in October of last year.

Kim Seon-ho stopped all activities amid the controversy, but recently started his activities cautiously.

In the first half of the year, he filmed director Park Hoon-jung's 'Sad Tropical' in Thailand and Jeju Island.

The play 'Touching the Boyd' starring Kim Seon-ho will be staged at Daehangno Art One Theater 2 until September 18th.