Catch the Ghost The conflicting mysterious atmosphere arouses curiosity

2019-10-22 19:05:09

tvN 'Walk the Ghost' is the new moon drama 'from the first train to the last train!

Our basement is shorter than the ground! ”A familiar subway for citizens!

The police station guarding the place is a close-up combo operation that resolves the case to catch a serial killer called the "ghost of the subway."

'Gather the ghost' attracted prospective viewers by releasing a special poster of the scientific investigation of Moon Geun-young and Kim Sun-ho before the first broadcast.

Tense tension between Moon Geun-young and Kim Sun-ho sits side by side in a dark subway in an open poster.

The mysterious atmosphere that contrasts with the delightful appearance of the sweet chemistry blast of the Kyonggi University Sanggeukbi, which is open to the public, raises curiosity.

More than ever, Moon Geun-young and Kim Sun-ho are scanning the scene in a super-intensive mode, and the two people who look ahead are firmly determined to say 'I'll hold on,' raising the curiosity.

In particular, the mysterious footprints left on the subway floor are robbed of the viewer's gaze.

It seems to us that something unusual has happened, as if the subway we were familiar with suddenly turned into the scene of the incident.

Moreover, a significant copy of 'where the killer' the ghost of the subway is breathing 'is added, which stimulates curiosity about what happens when two people set fire to their eyes.

Likewise, Moon Geun-young and Kim Sun-ho, who are forgetting the day and night to catch the subway ghost, raise their interest in the first broadcast of 'Catch a Ghost' with the instinct of the bloody investigation.

Meanwhile, tvN ‘Catch a Ghost’ will be aired first at 9:30 on Monday night.