'The Spy Who Loved Me' Moon Jung-hyuk, Yoo In-na, a thrilling secret romance begins in earnest

2020-10-22 15:05:03

An unexpected collaboration (?) between Moon Jung-hyuk and Yoo In-na, ‘the spy who loved me’ was caught.

MBC's Wednesday-Thursday mini-series'The Spy Who Loved Me' (director Jaejin Lee, screenplay Lee Jimin, production writing and picture) is today (22nd) ahead of the 2nd broadcast, Jeon Ji-hoon (Moon Jung-hyuk) and Kang Ah-reum (Yoo In-na)

It stimulated curiosity by revealing the appearance of

From the first broadcast, “The Spy Who Loved Me” showed the true value of a sweet and exhilarating romantic spy and led a favorable reception.

The dynamic development that unfolded with delightful laughter, thrilling excitement, and thrilling spy action caught viewers at once.

The synergy of director Lee Jae-jin, who added a pleasant touch of action, and Lee Ji-min, who showed skillful slow control in the first drama, was also perfect.

Above all, the chemistry of “Loco Artisans” Moon Jung-hyuk, Yoo In-na, and Lim Ju-hwan opened the prelude to a romantic spy with a different dimension.

On this day, from the fateful first meeting between Jeon Ji-hoon and Kang Ah-reum, the amazing reunion was depicted in divorce and spying.

Five years ago, Jeon Ji-hoon, who was in the middle of the operation, saved Kang Ah-reum in crisis, and the passionate love between the two began.

Jeon Ji-hoon and Kang Ah-reum, who succeeded in getting married with passionate love.

However, the two eventually divorced and became male and female.

The two people reunited by chance at a cathedral filled with memories as time passed.

Jeon Ji-hoon's narration that “I waited for this moment” and Kang Ah-reum's mixed feelings that “I wanted to avoid this moment” aroused curiosity about what had happened to them for five years.

Currently, Kang Ah-reum married Derek Hyun (Lim Ju-hwan), an industrial spy disguised as a diplomatic official, and was having a peaceful day.

However, it was implied that he would be caught up in an espionage war with Jeon Ji-hoon, who met again in an unexpected place, and stimulated curiosity.

Jeon Ji-hoon and Kang Ah-reum, who reunited during the mission, and Derek-Hyun, Kang Ah-reum's current husband, a key figure in the secret industrial spy organization,'Hellmes', raised their curiosity.

The two men who have no choice but to hide their identity for love and Kang Ah-reum's romantic secrets, who do not know their secrets even in their dreams, struck hot anticipation.

Meanwhile, in the released photo, Jeon Ji-hoon and Kang Ah-reum were caught looking for the disappeared Ahn So-hee (played by Yoon So-hee).

Jeon Ji-hoon's keen eyes catching the attention of Jeon Ji-hoon, who does not want to miss a small clue.

Kang A-reum pursues the traces of An Sophie with her ex-husband Jeon Ji-hoon.

The unexpected cooperation (?) between Jeon Ji-hoon and Kang Ah-reum, who were busy ‘growing’ with each other at the reunion after a long time, arouses interest.

The identity of Kang Ah-reum's friend Ahn Sopi was none other than the information source Jeon Ji-hoon was looking for.

Two people who must find Sofi An, even though they have different purposes.

It adds to the curiosity of how the quick cooperation (?) between Jeon Ji-hoon and Kang Ah-reum, who created a public goal, will be drawn.

In the following photos, the appearance of Ahn Sofi, who appeared in a messed up morphology, causes tension.

Ahn Sofi, who is in charge of an important national project, pledged a "new start" with marriage.

Ahn Sofi became Interpol's source of information to liquidate the industrial spy mission.

However, he faced a crisis when his intelligence activity was discovered.

The meaningful exchange of eyes between Jeon Ji-hoon and Sofi Ahn seems to herald an unusual incident.

In addition, attention is paid to whether Jeon Ji-hoon is an Interpol secret police, or whether Kang Ah-reum, who did not know his dreams, became aware of his identity.

In episode 2, broadcast today (22nd), the unpredictable cooperation (?) between Jeon Ji-hoon and Kang Ah-reum begins.

The existence of Sophie An is expected to be a variable that brings a big change to Jeon Ji-hoon and Kang A-reum.

The production crew of “The Spy Who Loved Me” said, “Amid the thrilling spy battle between Jeon Ji-hoon and Kang Ah-reum, the “thrilling” secret romance begins in earnest.

Kang Ah-reum's transformation will be exciting as well,” he said.

The second episode of MBC's Wednesday and Thursday drama “The Spy Who Loved Me” will be aired at 9:20 pm on the 22nd.