Age of Seung-Hyun Shin, Produced by Rosie Butterfly Effect, Produced by Curious Bae Cheol-Soo Jam

2020-03-16 15:45:10

Seung-Hoon Shin of 'Cheol-soo Bae' explains the rumors that he has had for 30 years in the entertainment industry, and Rossie is interested in age.

Seunghoon Shin was born in 1966 and is now fifty-five.

MBC's Bae Cheol-soo Jam (hereinafter referred to as 'Bae Jam'), which is broadcast today (16th), starring Emperor Shin Seung-hoon of Ballard, who celebrated its 30th anniversary this year, actively explains the rumors that have been in the entertainment industry for 30 years.


On this day's broadcast, Shin Seung-hoon said about various rumors surrounding him, such as 'I sang well and was cut at Chorus', 'I wear my underwear,' and 'I wear makeup when I go to a convenience store in front of my house.'

And drew attention.

In response, MC Bae Chul-soo wondered that he had heard the rumors of Shin Seung-hun, and Shin Seung-hun was intrigued by saying that the origin of the rumor was none other than senior singer Lee Moon-se.

It is said that Shin Seung-hoon protested that he was "involuntarily killed by a frog on a stone that he threw," and that he made the scene laugh by saying that he did not work at all.


On the other hand, artisan ballad Shin Seung-hoon, with his sweet voice, plays numerous hit songs on the spot, including the first album, 'You're in My Smile', 'Invisible Love', 'You're Only A Little Higher Than Me', and 'I Believe'.

It is said to be released, which amplifies expectations.

In addition, on the same day, a new guest solo singer Rossi, produced by Seung-Hoon Shin as a surprise guest, appeared and raised expectations that he would sing the song 'Butterfly Effect' of the original song with a unique tone.

At the age of sixteen, she watched the Dorothy Company audition, where Shin Seung-hun is headed to walk the path of the singer, who was her dream, and Shin Seung-hun, who saw his potential for growth, contacted him directly to sign a trainee contract.

Rossi is currently twenty two.

The truth of the rumors surrounding the ballad emperor Shin Seung-hun and his message will be unveiled today (16th) at 9:50 pm at MBC 'Cheol-soo Bae'.