'Master of Life' Busan Kalguksu Hyundai Kalguksu & Sillim-dong Shoes Wash Washwell & Jongno Swiss Cuisine La Swiss Master

2020-03-16 14:45:15

On the 16th (Mon) SBS 'Life Master', Busan Kalguksu Master 'Hyundai Kalguksu', Sillimdong Shoe Wash Master 'Washwell' and Jongno Swiss Cuisine Master 'La Switzerland' will be introduced.

■ Secluded moon-Busan Kalguksu master

The place where the hidden stealth team of the master project of life to discover the masters of gems hidden like gems came to the country is 'Hyundai Kalguksu', a kalguksu house located in 9 alley, Yeolje-gu, 132beon-gil, Busan.

The secret of its own is hidden in the soupy noodles, which have been in the third generation since 1997, and the hand-made noodles of cool broth.

It is said that this is the biggest reason to return to this house again because of the quick texture of the master's extraordinary knife, the texture of the homemade noodles at regular intervals without disturbances, and the rich taste that keeps coming back.

It is said that the broth contains special ingredients containing Moon Sook-Im (女 / 66 years old / 23 years of experience) to eliminate the stubborn and fishy taste.

The secret of Son Kalguksu, who has kept a place for 24 years with the constant steps of the Togok residents of Busan, is revealed.

■ Shoe washing decoction

Old shoes that have been thrown away, new ones with contaminants on them, and white shoes that turned yellow.

At the moment when a sigh comes out just by listening, there is a shoe washing master who solves all these worries.

After hearing the rumors, the protagonist is Seung-Ho Jo, a washing machine for “Washwell” shoes located at 20-11, Sillim-ro 23-gil, Gwanak-gu, Seoul.

A masterpiece that solves all your questions about washing, from removing stains on your shoes, how to store them, how to make your own detergent, and even how to stain your own shoes.

On the other hand, he is also a laundry expert who teaches common sense of laundry, not just shoes, but also washing clothes, padding laundry, and removing mold.

You can see the master's laundry trick, which is contaminated with natural detergent and gives new life to old shoes.

■ Swiss cuisine master

There is a place to feel the Swiss atmosphere in the heart of downtown Seoul.

Located at 11-36, Jahamun-ro 6-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul, Roland Hini deco is where a feast of exotic Swiss food that offers not only taste but also pleasure.

Rosti, a Swiss potato former made by Swiss, who has learned to cook since he was 16 years old, is an unfamiliar food for us, but it is already loved by many people.

The style of eating in Zurich, the roasted calf tenderloin with sliced ​​calf tenderloin boasts a soft texture.

In addition, the sausage roasty, which blends well with the thick sausage and crispy potatoes, is also a popular menu.

What makes these unfamiliar foods a step in people's footsteps?

The SBS “Life Master” featuring Busan Kalguksu Master, Sillim-dong Shoes Laundry Master, and Jongno Swiss Cuisine Master will air on Monday, August 16 at 8:55 pm.